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The Best Shark Movies on Hulu

Shark movies have captivated audiences for decades, combining suspense, adrenaline, and a primal fear of the deep. If you’re a fan of these aquatic thrillers, Hulu offers an impressive selection of shark movies that are sure to send shivers down your spine. In this article, we explore the “21 Best Shark Movies on Hulu To Watch”, inviting you to embark on a thrilling cinematic adventure.

Jaws (1975):

No list of shark movies is complete without mentioning the iconic classic, “Jaws.” Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece catapulted the genre into the mainstream, introducing audiences to the menacing great white shark terrorizing Amity Island.

The Shallows (2016):

In “The Shallows,” Blake Lively’s character finds herself stranded on a small rock while being stalked by a relentless and cunning shark. This intense survival thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Deep Blue Sea (1999):

“Deep Blue Sea” presents a thrilling tale of genetically enhanced sharks wreaking havoc in a research facility. With unexpected twists and heart-pounding action, this film provides an exhilarating ride.

Open Water (2003):

Based on true events, “Open Water” tells the harrowing story of a couple left stranded in shark-infested waters after a diving excursion gone wrong. The film’s minimalist approach and realistic portrayal create a sense of dread and helplessness.

47 Meters Down (2017):

When two sisters find themselves trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean, “47 Meters Down” delivers a tension-filled race against time as they struggle to survive. This gripping survival thriller will keep you holding your breath.

The Meg (2018):

“The Meg” combines adventure and suspense as Jason Statham takes on a prehistoric megalodon shark. With its larger-than-life action sequences and thrilling encounters, this film offers a fun and exhilarating ride.

Shark Night (2011):

A group of college friends faces a terrifying ordeal when they become trapped in a lake infested with various deadly shark species in “Shark Night.” This film provides a thrilling and suspenseful experience.

Bait (2012):

“Bait” takes the horror to a supermarket, where shoppers find themselves trapped with a great white shark during a freak tsunami. This Australian thriller offers a unique setting and nerve-wracking suspense.

Sharknado (2013):

“Sharknado” embraces the campy side of shark movies, blending absurdity with over-the-top action. As a tornado unleashes sharks upon Los Angeles, this film offers a wildly entertaining and humorous experience.

The Reef (2010):

“The Reef” tells the story of a group of friends stranded on a capsized sailboat, with a hungry great white shark circling nearby. With its realistic tension and compelling performances, this survival thriller leaves a lasting impact.


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