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SEO Fresher Interview Questions | Chapter – 4

Prepare for your SEO Fresher interview with our curated list of top 10 frequently asked questions and expert answers. Learn more in Chapter 4 of our comprehensive guide.

Fresher SEO Interview Questions

Today in Chapter 4 of SEO Interview Questions and Answers series we will read next 10 important questions from 31 to 40. We have brought a series of Top 100+ questions asked for beginners. If you read and memorize these questions thoroughly, you will definitely get selected.

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Q.31 What Is Google Sand Box?

Ans: Google Sandbox refers to a filter or probationary period that new websites go through, during which their search engine rankings are limited to prevent spamming and other manipulative tactics. This period typically lasts several months.

Q.32. What PA [ Page Authority ] in SEO?

Ans: Page Authority (PA) is a metric developed by Moz that predicts the likelihood of a specific page to rank in search engine results. It is calculated based on various factors such as the quality and quantity of links pointing to the page, the relevance of the content, and other on-page factors.

Q.33 What Is Spam Score in SEO?

Ans: Moz has established a parameter known as “Spam Score” that considers various Google parameters. This parameter enables us to determine a website’s authority and reputation on Google by evaluating factors such as its inbound link quality and content quality.

Q.34 What Is Alexa Rank?

Ans: Alexa Rank is a metric that ranks websites based on their estimated traffic and popularity. It is calculated based on the number of visitors and pageviews over a period of three months.

Q.35 What Is Keyword Density?

Ans: Keyword Density refers to the percentage of times a specific keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on that page. It is used as a measure of the relevance of the keyword to the page’s content.

Q.36 What Is Event Tracking and Category?

Ans: Event tracking is a feature in Google Analytics that allows you to track user interactions with specific elements on a website, such as clicks on links, videos, and buttons. Categories are used to group related events for analysis and reporting purposes.

Q.37 What Is Internal Linking?

Ans: Internal linking is the practice of linking to other pages within the same website. It helps to establish a hierarchy of information and makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index the site.

Q.38 What Is External Linking?

Ans: External linking is the practice of linking to web pages outside of your own website. It can provide additional context and resources for your readers and may improve your site’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Q.39 What Is Inbound and Outbound Links?

Ans: Inbound links, the link of one page in a website is given on another page. That is, the link found for one page from another page from the same website is called inbound link, Book outbound links, such links which are given from your site to any other website. Or those that point to other websites and act as backlinks. Both are important for SEO, as they can influence your site’s authority and reputation.

Q.40 What Is Alt Tag?

Ans: Alt tag, also known as alt attribute or alt text, is an HTML attribute used to describe the content of an image on a web page. It is important for accessibility and SEO purposes, as it enables search engines to understand the context and relevance of the image.

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