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How To Add A Chapter In Your YouTube Video?

Video content on the YouTube platform plays a significant role in the digital marketing landscape. If you create high quality, it will all be worth it. Still, many factors are involved in that also, and YouTubers use various strategies to optimize their video and maximize the profit they earn from these videos. 

One of these strategies is adding chapters to a YouTube video, as it will help to upgrade your YouTube video and make the whole watching process more user-friendly for the viewers. This method also helps the video to get discovered by many new users.

An intro of chapters in YouTube videos

Chapters in a YouTube video can be described as breaking a YouTube video into different sections, each with its own preview. The main benefit of having chapters on a YouTube video is that these viewers get more context and info about the content. Due to these chapters, users can easily rewatch the different parts of a YouTube video.

These video chapters are usually generated automatically based on the timestamps the YouTubers will provide in the video description. It is displayed in the video progress bar, also referred to as the ‘video scrubbed bar’ present below the video. 

Importance of the chapter in the YouTube video

Suppose you do a google search for a video using a mobile device. In that case, the YouTube chapter of a particular YouTube video is displayed in the search results with the video. This is helpful if you have to watch a video and are in a hurry to reach your part; you can select the chapter you want to see and easily watch the required part of the video on the go.

These chapters are handy to people for so many reasons. These tiny features of video you get in the platform are one of the primary reasons why the platform is so much loved by people all over the globe. These YouTube chapters also help the YouTubers as they can make their video displayed in the suggested clips in google searches.

One of the reasons behind that is if your video has a chapter on the topic or is related to the topic the user is looking for, then due to this chapter, your video will get preference over other videos. In google searches, the video will be displayed on top of other videos that do not have chapters. In the suggested clips, the user can directly jump on that particular part of the video in which the information is presented, which they are looking to get the answer to their query.

Adding a chapter to your YouTube videos

More than a million users upload their video content on YouTube daily; thus, the platform YouTube is full of videos which creates high competition among YouTubers; to make their videos stand out, they use a variety of strategies, and one of the effective strategies for making your video stand out is to add chapters in your YouTube video. It is one of the fantastic features available on the YouTube platform, and if it’s available, then why not make good use of it? 

To all of the YouTubers out there, it is essential to add chapters to your YouTube to help your audience navigate through long-duration videos and easily find the content they were explicitly looking for. It is handy for people hurrying to reach a particular video segment and needs more time to watch the full video. So let’s look at how you can add chapters to your videos.

  • Creating Timestamps

The first step in adding a chapter to any YouTube video is to create a timestamp of that particular YouTube video. Then these timestamps will be used in creating the chapters in your YouTube videos. 

One can easily create the timestamps for their YouTube video by just noting the time when each segment of the video starts, and doing it for each section will prepare the timestamps for the whole video. For example, if your video has four segments, you must note when each segment begins.

  • Adding timestamps in the Video description

After creating the timestamps for your videos, you need to add these to your video description. This can be done by opening your video in YouTube Studio and selecting the ‘Edit; option. Now you need to scroll down toward the ‘Description; option and add these timestamps at the appropriate locations.

When you add a particular timestamp, you must use the ’00:00 – Section Title’ format. For example, if the first segment of the video begins at 50 seconds, then you have to add ‘0:50 – Section 1 Introduction’ in the Description of your video.

  • Verifying the timestamps

After you have successfully added all of the timestamps in your video description section, you should verify to check whether these timestamps are working correctly; it is essential to do that once or twice for extra safety. 

You can work off these timestamps by previewing your YouTube video on YouTube, then clicking on the timeline and checking whether these chapters appear at the right moment. If all of these work in a delicate state, it is good to move forward, but if they do not, you can quickly go back and double-check the format of these timestamps.

  • Adding the chapter titles and publishing the videos

The last and probably easiest step comes after verifying all the timestamps; you can now add the chapter titles to your videos. Even though adding these chapter titles is optional, adding these will enhance the look of your YouTube videos as they will help the viewers better understand the content of your videos. To add the chapter titles to each video, you need to edit the titles in your video description and then add the title in each section.

Now as your chapter titles are added to your YouTube video, you can easily publish your video on your YouTube channel. After the video gets published, the viewers can easily use these chapters to navigate through your YouTube video and reach the section they are interested in.

Most of the time, YouTube chapters are added to videos in specific categories such as Music, Entertainment, education, Film, Animation, and comedy. Most creators usually add chapters in videos belonging to these categories because it makes more sense; otherwise, it is their choice.

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