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Being one of the interesting and fun drama series of the 20th century, Yellowstone is a name not confined to any introduction. It has everything a successful plot needs: a skillful cast, a hooking storyline, an amazing screenplay, and Yellowstone Costume that are not only beautiful but also well-aligned with the personality of the characters.

So, are you also one of those Yellowstone fans who want to look like their favorite character from the show? Well, if the answer to this question is yes, then we want to congratulate you as your search is finally over. Keep on reading and the forthcoming content will shed light upon some of the significant outfits you would not wanna give a miss. So without any further discussion, let us now jump into the content.

Top 5 Yellowstone outfits you can consider.

1: Rip Wheeler Jacket

The first and foremost name in the list is none other than the Rip Wheeler rugged jacket Yellowstone. Wore by the talented Cole Hauser during his portrayal of Rip Wheeler is crafted from premium quality canvas cotton fabric with a thick and warm polyester lining that will keep your body warm and cozy even in a freezing climate. In addition, find buttoned closure along with shirt style collar and full-length sleeves. Two spacious pockets on the chest with two attached on the waist stays sure you don’t have to carry any other separate bag for keeping your personal belongings

2: John Dutton Black Vest Yellowstone

Are you a fan of John Dutton’s decency and strong sense of decision-making? If the answer is yes then there might not be a greater choice for you to go with than the stunning John Dutton Black Vest Yellowstone.

Made out of premium quality wool material and viscose lining, it features an easy-to-pull zipper closure along with a stand-up collar and a sleeveless look that lets you fashion your shirt with full spirit.

3: Beth Dutton Blue Coat | Kelly Reilly Yellowstone Outfit

Beth Dutton is probably the most loved character of the show, and so is her iconic blue coat. The outer shell of this amazing coat is crafted from high-quality polyester and wool material. In addition, the distinguished design features a plain sky-blue colored base with multiple multi-colored patterns to enhance the overall look. On the other hand, the practicality of the outfit is enhanced with the usage of a front buttoned closure, high neck color, full sleeves, and coat-style cuff. It also obtains a huge size hood on the back to give your neck warm and careful support. What else do we need?

4: Kayce Dutton Waxed Cotton Jacket Yellowstone

Played by Luke Grimes, Kayce Dutton is the son of John Dutton and wears the same amount of elegance as his father. And the eye-catching and amazing Kayce Dutton Waxed Cotton Jacket Yellowstone is a clear example of it.

Made out of top-notch quality waxed cotton material, the stunning apparel obtains a thick viscose lining as well. Hence you won’t have to overburden your body with multiple layering or clothing unless you have the Kayce Dutton Jacket.

Other notable features included a tan waxed color theme along with the classic buttoned closure, shirt collar, viscose lining, and an amazing look it comes with.

5: Beth Dutton Pink Printed Coat

Last but not least we have the stunning Beth Dutton Pink Printed Coat in the list. It is made out of a thick comfortable wool blend material with a soft viscose fabric lining to provide your body with an adequate amount of comfort while stepping out of the house.

In addition, the soft pink color stays to provide a subtle and soft look, making you look younger than your actual age. Isn’t it amazing?

Designers have also attached two patch waist pockets outside with two attached inside so that you don’t have to carry a separate handbag or purse for keeping your belongings. You can keep it all in the spacious pockets.


On the bottom line, Yellowstone is one of those few neo-western tv series that has managed to create magic with its apparel. The same is why we have developed this amazing guide above. It discusses the top 5 best Yellowstone outfits you can endorse this season. So make sure to read it with your full concentration.

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