7 Great Tips From Affordable and Cheap Invisalign Providers to Get The Best Results

As many as 200, 000 people across only England and Wales switch on to orthodontic braces every year. Orthodontic dentistry has evolved a lot in the recent years. As a result traditional fixed metal braces are certainly not your only option to straighten the teeth any more. Invisalign trays are fine, discreet and reliable alternative to those conventional metal brackets and wires. Invisalign is much easier to adjust to. It is also much less painful. It offers greater comfort and convenience compared to the traditional braces. Thus Invisalign enjoys overwhelming popularity among every age group of orthodontic patients all over the world; the UK is no exception.

But in the opinion of leading dentists working at the renowned Bayswater Dental Clinic to secure the best possible results it is important for every patient to commit to the treatment plan. We will explore a few tips that have been tried and tested in the following sections. These tips are meant to provide you with the best possible result from your treatment.

Regular cleaning of the aligner trays is important

Unlike the traditional braces the Invisalign trays provide you with an almost discreet and invisible orthodontic treatment. But it is important for you to be careful and meticulous with your aligner trays. Unfortunately, the clear plastic aligners are prone to pick up stains. Therefore it is crucial to clean them every day. When your aligner trays get stained people start noticing that you are wearing them on your teeth. Thus your treatment no more remains discreet. Lukewarm water and any gentle anti bacterial soap are the best combination to clear your invisible orthodontic appliances with. The solution proves effective clearing away any bacteria and build-up from your tray surface. However make sure never to apply hot water to your trays. The plastic trays could get deformed in the process. Then the aligner trays will not feet on your teeth snugly as they should to facilitate proper movement of the teeth.

Wear your aligners for full 22 hours every day

Invisalign aligner trays work only when you keep wearing the aligners full 22 hours a day. Else trays will not be able to straighten out your teeth into correct alignment. You must take the aligner trays out of the mouth every time while eating or drinking anything other than plain water. Any drink other than plain water may stain the aligners. When you bite or chew on food items wearing the aligner trays, you may damage the trays. Thus the trays may not fit tightly in your mouth to facilitate teeth movement. If you do not comply with these rules then it is likely that your treatment time will get extended and you also may not get the best possible results of the treatment.

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Stick to your schedule like clockwork

When you are on traditional braces you have to see your dentist or orthodontist regularly. This is required to adjust your braces. Invisalign works in a complete different way. You get a series of aligner trays. You have to switch over from one aligner set to the next all on your own. It is important to follow this schedule correctly. The more accurate you are about this the better treatment results you can expect. What happens if you forget switching over to the next aligner set on time? In that case your treatment time gets extended. If you think staying at the top of your schedule could be difficult then it is better to straighten the teeth with conventional metal braces and not Invisalign.

Be prepared for some discomfort

Invisalign aligner trays exert calculated force on your teeth. As a result the teeth gradually sink into the right alignment. This process is likely to expose you to some discomfort. In fact the first few days after switching over to a new set of aligners could be most trying. But the pain will never be severe. Moreover the pain and discomfort will automatically go away just in a few days. It is best to prepare with proper planning. Switch trays at night before going to bed. This will allow you to sleep through the worst few initial hours. Prepare your mind to lead life on soft foods. In case the pain is unbearable you should contact your Invisalign provider right away, suggests a dentist renowned for offering Invisalign at cheap price in London.

Brush and floss the teeth

Invisalign trays are designed in a typical way to encase your teeth completely. This is the reason why the aligner trays work so efficiently. But this also indicates build-ups of bacteria and germs in your mouth. Your saliva cannot reach out to your teeth to rinse off the harmful build-ups either. To compensate this you must brush and floss the teeth religiously throughout the day after every meal. Then you put the aligner trays back in place. Else you will be in higher risk bracket for tooth decay and gum disease.

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Do not throw away your old aligner trays

An accident may occur any time. Your latest set of aligner trays may get lost or broken. In those unforeseen circumstances there must be a way to keep up with your treatment until your dental team provides you with a proper replacement. This is when your old aligner trays prove handy. Therefore it is important to preserve your old and used aligner sets throughout the phase of your treatment. You can use those as temporary or stop-gap solution till you get your new set of trays.

Never chew on or drink anything wearing the aligners

Beverages – other than plain water – can stain your clear plastic aligners. When you bite or chew on anything wearing the aligner trays there is a massive risk of damaging the aligners. Thus your custom-built aligners may not fit as tightly as they should. There is the risk of your treatment taking detract from its usual path. It is important to take the aligners out every time while eating or drinking anything. In fact whenever you are in doubt, just take your aligners out.

The Bayswater Dental Clinic is one of the ideal places all over London that offer Invisalign at cheap and affordable rate. Dentists associated with the practice suggest the tips discussed above so that you can make the most out of your Invisalign treatment. For more information and guidance feel free to contact us now.

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